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Oralcell Multicell Cellular Regeneration Aging Support

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Product Description





"My name is Marta Vazquez from Altamirano, I work in sales and my image and energy are my keys to success, since taking Multicell Support I feel like a new person with more energy, my hair and my skin have changed radically, my customers are asking me what is my secret; I am so happy!"

"Since turning 35 I began to have problems with vitality and tiredness and my skin and hair began to change. So I started researching into origins of aging and illness this begins in the cells this why I began to take Multicell Support improving my overall health and my physical appearance, I recommend it to everyone I know." ~ Maria Helena Etipia (Virgina)

"I recommend Multicell Support to all my patients after any esthetic surgery because I know the recovery will be much improved and quicker."
Dr. M. Ravelo



The Minerals are 100% natural clay minerals containing 76 minerals and trace elements and are classified as Montmorillonite, a colloidal silicate mineral formed by Volcanic Ash Millions of years ago. The benefits are due to the 76 minerals and trace elements contained which are the key to cellular functions of all forms of living creatures. Optimum health can only be achieved with a diet that contains the proper amounts of minerals, they are vital for vitamins and enzymes to function in the body. Enzymes are very important to the body in order to activate certain chemical processes like digestion and the synthesis of protein. Minerals activate your body's physiological functions; this is what enables your body to perform the key processes to maintain health. They act as a catalyst; which aids the bodies metabolism and cell building, and are essential to the synthesis of every living cell. It improves the intestines ability to absorb vitamins and oral supplements. When your body has the adequate amounts of minerals to perform the physiological processes properly you will feel the results in your everyday life; you will have more energy, more stamina, you will have an overall sense of well being, improve the appearance of hair, skin and nail and improved digestion. The Minerals also have a detoxifying effect, assisting your body to remove harmful toxins that also make you feel tired and sick.


  • Provide the body with 76 essential minerals and trace elements it needs.
  • Influences the vital process.
  • Acts as a normalizer of physiological processes of the body.
  • Improve contractility of muscles.
  • Absorbs toxic substances in intestinal tract.
  • Assist the body’s metabolism.
  • Support Metabolic Processes.
  • Improve overall “Well being”.
  • Aid cell building.
  • Improve appearance of skin, hair, and nails.


Is a Phanizomenon Flos Aqua (AFA),it comes directly from the upper Klamath Lake in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Klamath Blue Green Algae is the most nutrient dense food on the planet, containing glyco-proteins, vitamins, minerals, simple carbohydrates, lipids and biologically active enzymes. Due to the algae's nutritious soft cell wall, these nutrients are readily available to the body. A whole food, Klamath Blue Green Algae is rich in Beta-Carotene, B-12, Chlorophyll, Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids and all the Trace Minerals that your body needs for cell regeneration. It also has the nutritional balance to assist the immune system and enhance better brain and emotional functions.


  • Nutrifies cell due to it high levels of organic proteins, vitamins and minerals of high absorption.
  • AFA increases levels of adult stem cells in the blood.
  • In the fight against high cholesterol, AFA was shown in preliminary studies at Harvard Medical School to significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels in laboratory animals.
  • Detoxify the body, and boost the immune system.
  • More physical energy, stamina, endurance.
  • Rejuvenating energy-producing processes.
  • Circulation and heart function.
  • Perfect food for humans.
  • Better mental clarity, concentration and focus.
  • Immune function


Is a concentrate of 98% pure Resveratrol extract an active antioxidant to get the most antioxidant power. It is a substance found in fruit: Grapes Blueberries. The anti-aging benefits of Resveratrol are so powerful that some have dubbed Resveratrol the "Fountain of Youth". Resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory, increases energy levels, lowers blood sugar and extends life. As an antioxidant, it helps break down the fats stored in the white adipose tissue of our body so they get metabolized by the liver. Its antioxidant nature protects the body’s cells, as well as its nervous and cardiovascular systems.


  • Is an active antioxidant. Protects the cells from free radicals.
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Is thought to stimulate the SIRT1 gene, stimulation of this gene also seems to help slow down the aging process
  • Increases resistance of microorganisms
  • Preserves and protects healthy cells and tissue.
  • Protective antioxidant action against free radicals and damage to cellular DNA.
  • Its antioxidant nature protects the body’s cells, as well as its nervous and cardiovascular systems.


Best French Grape Extract contains BioVin, a full spectrum grape extract made from whole red wine grapes. BioVin is locally produced from premium quality grapes grown in southern France, using only water and ethanol as solvents. BioVin supplies OPCs from grape seeds, plus anthocyanins and other flavonoids found in grape skins know as "red wine polyphenols." BioVin also provides resveratrol, a beneficial antioxidant phytochemical found only in grape skins. The whole grape constituents in BioVin support the body's antioxidant defenses by counteracting the effects of free radicals.

BioVin® is a red wine extract manufactured from premium red grapes abundant in polyphenols and Resveratrol. Animal studies of red wine polyphenols have demonstrated effects in supporting cardiovascular health and scavenging free radicals. Studies of Resveratrol also suggest support of cardiovascular function and promotion of longevity and healthy aging. Full of free-radical-fighting antioxidants, Biovin Grape Extract not only protects cells from free radical damage, but it also enhances cardiovascular health and increases the elasticity of capillaries to allow greater blood flow.


  • May stimulate cells to produce enzymes that detoxify carcinogens.
  • Pycnogenols commonly called Oligomeric proanthocyanidins found in grape seed extract are renowned for their superior antioxidant power.
  • Known for their antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-elastase / collagenase properties.
  • Strengthen and repair connective tissue.
  • Plays important role in the health of the circulatory system.
  • Is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, reducing oxidative damage to cells. It helps support resistance to oxidation, providing cardiovascular protection. BioVin® may also help poor capillary elasticity and structure by inhibiting harmful enzymes.

Vitamin C Pureway®

Pureway-C® is an exciting new form of Vitamin C that contains Vitamin C-Lipid metabolites. This consumer friendly form enhances delivery, availability and absorption kinetics, distribution, uptake, concentration and utilization efficacy of essential Vitamin C in the body. PureWay-C® also prolongs blood plasma and tissue retention of Vitamin C. It was developed to prolong the biological activity and beneficial biochemical functions that are Vitamin C-dependent, target multiple metabolic areas, and promote valuable benefits in human health.


  • More rapidly taken up and absorbed by cells than other forms of Vitamin C.
  • PUREWAY-C is directly associated with greater reduction of plasma levels of C-reactive proteins and Oxidized LDL in human clinical studies.
  • Potent antioxidant and significant free radical scavenging capabilities.
  • PureWay-C® showed a 93% scavenging of DPPH free radicals.
  • Antioxidant protection.
  • More rapidly Stimulated healthy neurons.
  • More rapidly promoted wound healing.
  • More rapidly protected immune system.
  • The more rapid cellular localization of PUREWAY-C® compared to other form of vitamin C explains the ability of this formulation to better enhance benefits and correlate to an improved protection.


It is a powerful fat soluble, vitamin-like substance found naturally in all forms of life. It is biosynthesized in the membranes of the cells in humans and is vital in the production of energy. It is a power plant of the body that is found in most cells, with especially high concentrations in the heart, the organ that requires high levels of energy for normal operation.


  • Provides energy to the cells.
  • Helps maintain cellular homeostasis of internal balance.
  • Helps cellular regeneration.
  • Is the only yeast fermented all natural CoQ10 available today.
  • Fermented from yeast KANEKA CoQ10™ is bio-identical to the CoQ10 produced in the body.
  • Only CoQ10 made in the U.S.A.
  • Is the most thoroughly tested widely trusted and highest quality bio-identical CoQ10 in the world.


Is an essential amino acid that is found in high proportions in muscle tissue. L-lysine is an essential amino acid that cannot be manufactured in the bodies of humans. As an indispensable component of proteins, lysine plays many significant roles in the human body. It is crucial for the proper absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps in conserving calcium. 

It facilitates the production of enzymes, hormones and antibodies and assists in the formation of muscle protein. Lysine aids in the synthesis of collagen, an important constituent of bones and connective tissues.


  • Helps the growth of the body.
  • Benefits the formation of collagen.
  • Helps in keeping the skin looking healthy and young.
  • Effects the utilization of fatty acids in the body.
  • Facilitates faster healing.
  • Promotes energy production in working muscles.
  • Helps with other antioxidants and polyphenols to prevent degenerative processes of the skin.


A non-essential amino-acid The Benefits of Proline have been known about since the early twentieth century. Benefits of L-Proline include the healthy maintenance of connective tissue and repairing damage to tissue, skin and muscle. It further contributes to a healthy immune system. Healthy levels of vitamin C increase the effectiveness of L-Proline. One of the most important contributions of Proline is its relationship to collagen. Collagen is found throughout the body including: skin, blood vessels, tendons, bones, and the eye.


  • L-Proline is an essential amino acid and precursor, along with vitamin C, for collagen.
  • Helps reduce sagging, wrinkling, and aging of skin due to sun exposure.
  • L-Proline breaks down protein to help create healthy cells.
  • Proline and lysine (another one of the amino acids that is important to protein synthesis) are both needed to make hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, two amino acids that form collagen.
  • It is also essential for creating healthy connective tissues. It also maintains muscle tissue.


Scientist have been studying the Genome of Pekin Ducks for many years, this is because ducks are known to have a very strong immunological system and are almost chromosomally identical to humans, especially in Gene 14 known as the “aging gene”. 

With this research in hand our scientists have developed a process to isolate and capture the bio-nutritional components contained in the embryo that are “The Essence of Life and Cellular Regeneration.” These include; Fibroblast Growth Factor, Amino-Acids, Oligopeptides, and Proteins which strengthen all our cells including our stem-cells.

Due to the chromosomal similarities, these embryos contain the ideal life giving components cells require to defend, maintain and repair themselves, as a result your body will be able to defend, maintain and repair itself better.


  • Provide cell key nutrients to promote their healthy life cycle.
  • Nutrients readily absorbable by cells.
  • Help cells Defend, Maintain and Repair.
  • Stimulates cellular biological activity.
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor.






What are the side-effects if any?
There are no known side-effects but due to the detoxifying effects some individuals may experience increased evacuations, gases or possible skin breakouts and in rare cases some mild headaches. These symptoms are temporary and are a result of your body expelling the toxins within. Do not consume if you are allergic to eggs or any other components in the product.


What are the advantages of using Duck Embryos?
Ducks are a very interesting creature, and scientists have studied its genetic structure because duck have a very strong immune system, so strong that they do not require any vaccinations unlike chickens and because there genetic structure is very similar to human.
These embryos are harvested in the first stage of development when the immunological system is developed and all the “Life Giving” Components are present including; Fibroblast Growth Factor, Amino-Acids, Oligopeptides, and Proteins which strengthen all our cells including our stem-cells. Due to the chromosomal similarities, these embryos contain the ideal life giving components cells require to defend, maintain and repair themselves, as a result your body will be able to defend, maintain and repair itself better.


What is Fibroblast growth Factor?
Fibroblast growth factors, or FGFs, are a family of growth factors involved in angiogenesis, wound healing, and embryonic development. During embryonic development, FGFs have diverse roles in regulating cell proliferation, migration and differentiation. In the adult organism, FGFs are homeostatic factors and function in tissue repair and response to injury. FGFs are key players in the processes of proliferation and differentiation of wide variety of cells and tissues.


Who should take this product?
Those over the age of 18 in good health or individuals who have health concerns or pregnant and have consulted their Doctor or Health Care Provider.


What advantages are there to ingredients that are Trademarked or registered?
When a vitamin or nutrient has been trademarked this symbolizes that the product is developed and formulated to have direct advantages versus its counterparts. The advantages can vary but generally include better absorption in the human body resulting in enhanced benefits achieved.


How often should I take it?
The product should be consumed everyday in order the continually provide your cells the nutrition and defense they need to be healthy.


How should I take it?
Consume after your heaviest meal, preferably breakfast or lunch. Always remember to eat balanced meals and participate in regular exercise.


Are there any contradictions?
Due to its detoxifying effects, if you have kidney problems do not consume. If you are pregnant or lactating consult your Doctor. If you are allergic to eggs or any other components of the product do not consume.


Does this product have any medical studies?
Oralcell Multicell does not, but many of its components do. The components in Multicell Support have 9 different clinical studies. These components were scientifically chosen to provide a synergistic mixture that would deliver the maximum results.



Clinical Studies Relative to components of Oralcell Multicell


Technical Report of the Investigative Biochemistry Melchior Dikkers Ph.D., The Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals 



    • A novel vitamin C preparation enhances neurite formation and fibroblast adhesion and reduces xenobiotic-induced T-cell hyperactivation. Med Sci Monit. 2007 Mar;13(3):BR51-8. PMID: 17325628


    • Absorption rates and free radical scavenging values of vitamin C-lipid metabolites in human lymphoblastic cells. Med Sci Monit. 2007 Oct;13(10):BR205-210. PMID: 17901843 [PubMed]


    • ORAC and DPPH values of PureWay-C and other form of vitamin C. PubMed - in process]


    • Vitamin C-lipid metabolites: Uptake and Retention and Effect on Plasma C-Reactive Protein and Oxidized LDL levels in Healthy Volunteers [PubMed - in process]


    • Conducted clinical study on comparative effects of PureWay-C versus other vitamin C formulations at the University of Miami; 2007 [PubMed - in process]


    • PureWay-C® delivers effective antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity using the (ORAC) and (DPPH) methods.


    • See Clinical Study on PolicosanolPlus® at the University of Miami (2001 – 2002)


    • See Open Label, Single Center Study. PolicosanolPlus® and lipid Lowering agents, results, recommendations and future directions at The University of Miami (2004)


    • See publication on JANA (The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association) (PolicosanolPlus® and Neuroprevin™ Enhance Neurite Regeneration and Prevent Neurite Degeneration: Dietary Supplements for Nerve Repair and Prevention, and Reduction of Neurodegenerative Disorders). The article is available from the Vol.9, No.2 2006 edition of JANA.


    • See publication on MedSciMonit (Medical Science Monitor) (PolicosanolPlus® and Neuroprevin™ ameliorate pesticide-mediated inhibition of neurite outgrowth and neurite degeneration). The article is available from the Vol.12, No.12 2006 edition of MedSciMonit.


    • See publication on J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2006 Sep;318(3):1020-1026. (Policosanol inhibits cholesterol synthesis in hepatoma cells by activation of AMP-kinase).
      Several of the participants were immunosuppressed either with Cancer, HIV or Hepatitis C. These patients reported improvements in areas such as general well-being, sleep, mental, physical condition and had no viral syndrome or illnesses during their supplement phase. This may be related to overall Natural Killer cell activity. Natural Killer cell activity may be a more sensitive marker than overall quantitative measurement.


    • See publication on JANA (The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association) (Pilot Study: Effect of PDS-2865 on Natural Killer Cell on Citotoxicity). The article is available from the Vol.6, No.2 Spring 2003 edition of JANA.


    • See conducted research study on Natramune™ (PDS-2865®) at the Biological Sciences, Adelphi University; 2006-2007.


    • See conducted clinical study on Natramune™ (PDS-2865®) at the Miami Seaquarium and University of California Veterinary Medicine Immunology Laboratory; 2006 to 2007. Oral administration of Natramune™ (PDS-2865®) to animals of the Cetacean Species: Effects on the Immune System.







1 - Cousens, G. Report of Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease with Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Orthomedicine, (Winter/Spring), Vol. 8, No. 1-2, 1985 (Editor's note: AFA was the algae used in this study.)
2 - Sevulla I., and Aguiree, N. Study On The Effects Of Super Blue Green® Algae, Universidad Centro Americana, Nicaragua, 1995
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4 - Bruno, J., Gittelman, J., and Tucheld, B. Improved Cognition, Behavior and Health in Children Eating Blue Green Algae. Submitted for publication, 1998

Exp Gerontol. 2006 Feb;41(2):130-40. Epub 2006 Jan 4.

Reduced coenzyme Q10 supplementation decelerates senescence in SAMP1 mice.

Yan J, Fujii K, Yao J, Kishida H, Hosoe K, Sawashita J, Takeda T, Mori M, Higuchi K.


Department of Aging Biology, Institute on Aging and Adaptation, Shinshu University Graduate School of Medicine, 3-1-1, Asahi, Matsumoto 390-8621, Japan.
Thus, lifelong dietary supplementation with CoQH2 decreased the degree of senescence in middle-aged SAMP1 mice.
PMID: 16387461 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

http://www.kanekaqh.com/about-kanekaqh-clinical-library.html. Full results of the study are expected to be published in a major scientific journal in 2008.
More information on supplemental ubiquinol is available at www.kanekaqh.com.









The Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are for educational Purposes. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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