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BioCellular Analysis Test Kit And Report

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Product Description

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Once returned, a comprehensive analysis of system levels is performed to detail what may be indicative of imbalances you are experiencing. Reports are emailed and a hard copy is also sent via postal mail. A licensed physician is available for personal consultation for an additional $99.

BioCellular Analysis-
Is Now Essential for Improving Your Health!
Have you ever been to the doctor because you were feeling something was not right only to be told that there is nothing wrong with you according to your blood work? Or, even worse, after the doctor listened to your symptoms, did blood work and other tests, they gave you a diagnosis of an “incurable” disease such as colitis, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, or high cholesterol?

You may have been relieved that your problem was not life threatening but you left still feeling that something is not right in your body. For example, maybe you are fatigued and your skin is not as soft and supple as it once was. You may have noticed that your libido has drastically decreased or you are more irritable than you used to be and your muscles get sore more often after exercise. Our experience shows that many people fit into this category and you are not alone. Many of us turn toward natural supplementation to help treat our symptoms. When we do this, we are basically one step above more traditional treatment methods which use drugs to abate symptoms. Thankfully there is a better system of diagnostics and treatment. It is called called BioCellular Analysis. This unique testing will provide information at the cellular level and allows us to determine the ecology of the body at a more definitive level than what is in the blood. The BioCellular Analysis results are typically reviewed by licensed physicians who have been working on patients just like you whom believe that the body can heal itself given the right tools. Once you determine where your chemistry is off and your organs are not functioning optimally, you can then provide the specific raw materials necessary for YOUR unique body chemistry so that you can get back to the proper balance and start feeling great again!

What does the Bio-Cellular Analysis test?
BioCellular Analysis is an analysis of urine and saliva that applies the principles of fundamental biochemistry which relate to the elements that make up 97% of the human body. These test values are interrelated and reflect basic body chemistry alignment and body compartments. They will indicate much sooner than blood chemistry what imbalances and early pathology is in progress. Correcting the abnormal foundational biochemistry will begin the process of restoring balance to the body and mind.

Why use Urine and Saliva?
Saliva is an intracellular fluid that provides an overall picture and serves to represent the current state of the body’s internal cellular health. In other words, analyzing the saliva shows what’s happening within the cells on a day-to-day basis. It can be used to interpret the status of the lymph system, digestion, and liver stressors. Urine represents what’s being excreted by the body or what is, or is not, being properly filtered. By comparing what’s inside the cells, via saliva, with what’s being excreted by the cells, via urine, you can clearly see how nutrients and other elements are moving throughout the body, and the effect of that activity – or lack of it – on the body’s systems. The urine shows digestion, absorption, utilization of minerals and organ stresses. These values do not change much from day to day. The results of the test pinpoint possible chronic problems that have been going on over an extensive period of time.

What information does this analysis give?

BioCellular Analysis gives an immediate, complete picture of your health status. To get this picture, BioCellular Analysis takes a comprehensive look at the numerous elements that affect how the body feels and functions as follows:

• pH of Urine and Saliva correlates to the lymph system and digestion
• Carbohydrate Metabolism determines how you metabolize carbohydrates and gives insight about blood sugar levels
• Urine Ammonia helps to determine how toxic you are
• Oxidative Stress shows how well your body absorbs and utilizes nutrients
• Salt Concentration helps to determine nervous system stress
• Cellular Energy Production shows the oxidation process inside the cell to give insight about the immune system
• Intercellular Dehydration shows how hydrated you are
• Gastrointestinal Absorption shows the quality of digestion, absorption and elimination processes
• Toxicity Levels give information about how well your Liver and Kidney are functioning
• Other Organ Imbalances such as Spleen, Pancreas, and Thyroid
• Hormonal Imbalances and Adrenal Functioning

A comprehensive analysis of your body at the cellular level is becoming an important tool to give us insight in how our bodies are functioning. Society routinely puts emotional, physical and environmental stressors on us that take a toll on our physiology daily. It is helpful to test your body chemistry on a routine schedule so that you can make educated changes in your health regime. Taking the right nutrition for your specific body chemistry will keep your immune system strong and your organs working at the utmost efficiency.


*Additional Fees May Apply If Not Sent In Within 1 Year. New York Residents Only. New York State health law prohibits the testing of specimens collected in or mailed from the state of New York. It also prohibits us from postal mailing test results to a NY address. We are able to email your results. No other states are effected by this legal statute. Residents of New York can order a test kit and we can ship you a test kit. However, you are responsible for complying with the NY rules in order to have the test performed. Mainly, people residing in the state of New York cannot file for insurance reimbursement of these tests.

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